This Journal May Contain Nuts

Ramblings of a Nutjob

3 May 1989
Hi! I'm Immi and I love to write, read, take photos which I then upload to flickr (user Queenlover) watch the Mighty Boosh and generally have fun with my friends. Obviously. Otherwise I'd be a bit freakish. Which I am anyway but luckily not for that reason. I am so going to shut up now.

I'm 17 and in Upper Sixth studying English Lit, French and History.

I'm not really that interesting and nothing much happens in my life. I do love to write though. It's one of my greatest passions. I want to be a journalist or a book editor eventually I think but at Uni: English Lit all the way bruv.

Have I mentioned I totally am obsessed with the Mighty Boosh?? Well I am. ^_^ Just love it to death. Especially adore the glorious Julian Barratt and Dave Brown. They win at life.

Thanks for reading! xxx