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This Journal May Contain Nuts
Ramblings of a Nutjob

I've just stumbled across the oddest thing on Myspace. Now I don't venture on Myspace that often, but I hadn't checked it for a million years so I thought I'd just see if anyone had left any comments of undying love on my page.

They hadn't.

BUT I saw a link about Russell Brand on Myspace Comedy and thought "EH I'm bored, I love Russell, let's click it." So it directed me to the Myspace comedy page. I then had a peek at all the different comedy videos that had been uploaded. In the "Series" tab thing (sorry this probably makes no sense) there were about 6 little buttons and one said "Gritty Drama".... with a picture of Mike (Fielding's) face on it. Naturally curious to see whether it actually was him, I clicked on it and there were three mini videos entitled "Silent Night" about a couple's breakdown of marriage just before Christmas, of which Mike was the husband.

Bless him, it was really quite good and amusing in an odd sort of way. In the credits, I saw he had also co-written the script, not there's much of one. My love for Mike is now IMMENSE.

That's all really. Oh I've broken up for the Christmas holidays now! Waheeey! :) Oh yeah and BOOSH TOMORROW!!!! Can't WAIT. I couldn't go with my friends the first time round (long, sad story, shan't go into it here) so this time I'm going with my brother, which'll be nice and all cause he loves them as well and we always have a good laugh but I did want to go with my friends XD C'EST LA VIE! At least I'm actually GOING. =D Eeee excited!


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There were so many good bits I can't even remember all the good bits but god it killed me <3

"'What happened to Richmond?' 'He got scurvy.'"

"This... is the Internet."

"You'd best put seatbelts on your ears, Roy, because I'm going to take them for the ride of their lives!"

"What's Jen doing with the Internet!?!?!?"

"The Hawk"

Everything Matt Berry said.

"society would fall like an angry child shredding a napkin"

The child shredding a napkin under a table....



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It should be wrong that I'm watching the cheesy spectacle that is Take That in bed with a cup of tea. But it is ohhh so right. =D

I'm such a popwhore.


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IT Crowd... actually has completed my life.

When the Boosh did their Noel and Julian kiss, I thought: the Gods have delivered and sent a lovely package of yum and funny.

Now MOSS and ROY!?!?! TOO MUCH, DEITIES, TOO MUCH! You have killed me.

GENIUS. Best episode ever. Haven't laughed that much in ages.


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THAT you are, Simon, that you are.

Mr Amstell in a bunny suit is possibly the most endearing thing I've ever seen. If TV consisted of him dressed as a rabbit all day long, I would be perfectly happy.


Seriously I don't update for a month, and this is the only thing that I do post when the time comes XD I don't have much of a life.

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It said the Boosh and Russell Brand were gonna be in the Secret Policeman's Ball! So there I was, watching for the full hour and a half, waiting patiently. Ok it wasn't wasted because Tim Minchin + Russell Howard + Roy and Moss + MATT BERRY + Mitchell and Webb were all fecking awesome but but but...

Ohh the lies.

I feel a bit cheated.

I swear someone on Livejournal said that the Boosh were gonna be on tonight as well. Possibly another victim of the lies...

A possible over-reaction. But I want my Booshy. xxx

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Feck I'm tired.

Haven't posted here in a while. That's because my life is very very dull.

The Island's on now though with Ewan McGregor (yumyumyumYES) so that'll keep me happy for a while.

In other news, I want to see Russell Brand live but he sells out too fast. As can be expected. Ah well, I'll get the DVD.

Umm that's about it. I'm going driving tomorrow morning so watch out East of England and help me out of the ditch I'll inevitably drive into? Thanks.


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I got my AS results today...


I got a fucking A in French. A. In FRENCH. And an A in English which means I can still apply to do English Lit  at Uni yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! I got a B for History and a B for Spanish so I'll drop Spanish next year because I am NOT doing two languages ever ever again. Horrendous. 



I'm a bit happy right now.



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... otherwise known as Bill Bailey, Russell Howard and loads more guys at Latitude!!!!

Going tomorrow, returning Monday. Gonna be goooood! :)

Bit nervous as I've never actually been to a festival before but I know it's gonna rock. Socks even.

Um that's it. I should be packing but I'm not. I'll do it laaaaaaaaaaater... :)

See ya till Monday then LJ!!


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No more school till early September!

I don't count results day.


Slightly dampened by the fact that I have NO money this summer and my parents won't lend me any so my activities will have to be free ones such as sleepovers/dvd fests/picnics. Which is majorly suckish but eh I'll get a job in September and so MONEY!!!

Erm what else?

Nothing. I was stranded in town today for a good few hours on my OWN because all my friends had LIVES and I didn't have enough money for a bus home lolololol. I'm such an idiot.

Seeing Mamma Mia tomorrow!!!! Colin Firth <3


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